• Corrina Ulrich

A few years ago I started messing around with making repeating patterns for textiles. My latest design features cats.

It's available for purchase on a seemingly infinite number of products here!

  • Corrina Ulrich

I keep coming back to this medium. Things fall together in a way that feels like magic. Elements leap out, sparking emotion or mirroring other elements. Sometimes it even makes me laugh out loud as if someone just told me a joke. It feels as much like divining as art making, especially when text is involved.

Text and image are so powerful together. Like music and verse. One multiplies the depth of the other. Together they hold your attention and linger in your memory.

I will keep drawing, painting, printing, sewing, etc. but for the time being, I'm most excited to keep collaging.

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  • Corrina Ulrich

I'm always making something but that something doesn't always end up fitting neatly into my portfolio, so I've started a blog to share all those odds and ends along with works in progress and whatever else I'm inspired to share.

To start things off, here's an ink drawing I did last winter while settling into my new house and getting back in the habit of daily drawing. I find there is something very soothing about drawing repetitive shapes. I encourage you to print it out and color it! May it bring you comfort in these difficult times.

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